EMSA Koç SynapsIst 2013 Summer School was a huge success. It left behind a fruitful academic experience, great acquaintances, and joyful memories of cultural exchange.
For those medical students who could not have the chance to participate in this privileged event, and for those who had the chance but just could not get enough, we proudly announce that

SynapsIst is coming back to strike for Round ♯2!

Do not make any plans for the duration of the last week of August 2014, or you may regret afterwards.

Think of a week where you are able to carry your medical abilities to a higher point, but meanwhile enjoy the beauties of the bridge between Europe and Asia during your summer holiday. What more would a medical student want?

Like the summer school of the previous year, SynapsIst 2014 aims to present its participants an enriching opportunity to further their knowledge on anatomical, radiological and pharmacological aspects of neurology with respect to many neurological diseases. The program will include lectures and also, seminars and discussion panels that will be based on the lectures. Additionally, there will be instructive and highly interactive workshops where the participants are expected to actively take part to improve their clinical skills.

Synapsist offers you:
to benefit from the insights of international academicians renowned in their fields
to improve your knowledge in neurology as well as your clinical skills in workshops
to experience the day and night of Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, to a full extent
not to mention a great chance to make friends from all over the world!

All in all, the internationaI summer program of SynapsIst is a very beneficial and unmissable opportunity to widen your perspective; and make use of for your future medical career, too. If you have the time and means of being a part of this family, we advise you not to hesitate for one more second.

All the academic occasions will be held in Koç University School of Medicine, Istanbul/Turkey. The program provides room and board in Istanbul.

We are looking forward to see you in Istanbul, the synapse where continents meet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Contact: kumsasummerschool@ku.edu.tr
Website: http://emsa.ku.edu.tr/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KumsaEmsaSummer

Follow our pages to stay tuned!


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